Now or Never A Generation Where Time Trumps Money

The age-old adage ‘time is money’ no longer holds true for today’s day and age. We have witnessed a new development wherein time is a more valued commodity than money and to save the former we part readily with the latter. Let’s look at it this way, cabs, groceries, medicines, doctor’s assistance, movie tickets and such are all just a click away, quite literally! Mobile phones are the closest we will get to waving a magic wand. This never ending list of items and services that we can avail by tapping our fingers is an ever-increasing one and we are not complaining. Now imagine a time where the luxury of easy access and immediate gratification was not available. It will be crippling to say the least.
Easy access to information in a crisp and concise format that helps us absorb the desired information at a glance is what the need of the hour is. Do we see ourselves flipping through pages and pages of information while being stuck in a traffic jam or shuttling through one thing to another to get to what we want? Are you willing to sacrifice your precious time to fish out what you need from the rubble of information that’s bombarded on a daily basis on the internet? No, right? Thanks to the various mobile apps, that are mushrooming to save us from this predicament, we don’t have to navigate our way through the tiring unwanted content. Follo is one such platform that serves as an exhaustive source of information when it comes to out entertainment needs. There’s a B20 APP which provides minute by minute update of the all that’s going on in Bollywood. From latest Bollywood news to juicy celebrity gossip, it’s got everything under one umbrella. Being one of the top entertainment websites it provides celebrity news on the go!
So next time you are stuck in a queue at the cafe or looking for ways to kill your time while being stuck in an hour long jam, just tune in to the app and get transported to the world of entertainment within seconds. One of the top entertainment websites,Follo is also provides engaging content like quizzes at Star Quizbased on latest movies news and all that’s trending in Bollywood that could helps one win exciting prizes in the form of tickets for the latest movies releases and celebrity signed memorabilia, which is a coveted commodity to say the least.
When it comes to response time, it’s now or never. How many of us reboot our mobile applications or phones when we unable to get an immediate results? Then there are those who change their device/ network operator because of the unexpected delay they face while navigating their way through the features. We are running out of patience, we are running out of time. The only way to preserve it is to get hooked to platforms that satisfy our needs on the go. In the race that we are running it’s time and not money that holds the hot seat.

How Child Labour Affects Economic Growth

Child Labour is an offence forced upon children where they are denied of friends, education, leisure and all that are positive in life. There are many children who are forced to work in hazardous environments and do illegal work. It is a hindrance for the child’s health, education and progress.

The World Day Against Child Labour was launched in 2002 by the International Labour Organization to raise awareness for preventing child labour. It is held every year on June 12 as a proclamation to the world to stop child labour. This day raises awareness about the evils and negative impacts of the same.

The focus of the 2016 World Day Against Child Labour is on child labour and supply chains. With the impact of globalisation, supply chains have become complex and many a times children are employed in the production of goods and services for export. In most of the cases employers prefer children as they would work for a longer time, for a meagre income and almost without any complaint.

World Day Against Child Labour proclaims all enterprises to ensure their supply chains are free from child labour or face the risk of having their reputations ruined. It is estimated that 168 million children between the ages of five and 17 are child labourers. Many of them are drop-outs or have never attended school.

Poverty and hunger are the major causes for child labour. When parents are not able to afford a square meal the children are ready to work for a meagre income. So, for survival, children prefer working than going to schools. Thus they are forced to labour without their knowledge. Severe work with no proper food and leisure makes them malnourished, damaging their physical and mental health. They will be condemned to a life of poverty, illiteracy, and penury. Unfortunately, India has one of the largest populations of child labourers.

Child labour affects the economic growth of the country as well as its socio-economic development. Today’s children are tomorrow’s administrators. It would be quite difficult for a country to prosper when its children end up as labourers. The prosperity of a country is directly proportional to the progress of educated individuals. The key to progress lies in education. If education is hampered progress will be at bay.

Understanding the link between hunger, education and economic growth, Akshaya Patra serves free nutritious mid-day meals to children attracting them to school. The organisation takes the role of a catalyst providing food which is an incentive to support their education

Let us join hands against this social injustice of child labour. Let us bring back children to school by help Akshaya Patra serve unlimited food for education and stop child labour. If hunger is satisfied, children will remain in classrooms. It is our duty to see to it that no child is left behind without education.

It takes Rs. 750 to feed a child for a year! Every donation of Rs. 500 or above made to Akshaya Patra is eligible for 100% tax exemption under section 35 AC or 50% tax exemption under Section 80 G of the Indian Income Tax. Let us help serve children to end class room hunger.

5 Of The World’s Most Top Secret Maximum Security Places

Indeed, a good way of keeping anything hidden from the public would be to hide it in a geographically remote place. In a naturally hostile area, having adverse weather conditions, the geographically remote top secret maximum security place would be virtually inaccessible. Then there are the man made inaccessible maximum security hiding places such as those in underground bases or surface built shelters…

-So, in light of this here are 5 of the world’s most top secret maximum security places.

1. The Vatican Secret Library

The apostolic Vatican secret library contains some of the world’s most treasured books, scrolls and papers. In excess of a million they are not only protected by conventional maximum security (guards, cameras, infra-red, heat and motion sensor detectors…) but also astral cameras. Escorted by an entourage of guards, only scholars and authorised people such as men of the cloth are allowed to view these works and take notes.

Some say that a number of these books, scrolls and papers were taken from the magnificent Alexander library in Egypt before it was purposefully burnt down, containing a wealth of enlightening knowledge that has been hidden and suppressed from the public to this day.

What secrets do these works hold in which we the people at large are not privy to?

2. Mount Yamantau

Located in Russia at the Ural Mountains Bashkortostan, the mysterious Mount Yamantau place is said to be busy with construction work. While it has been said it will be a storage place for objects related to the Russian Federation others claim that the area is being constructed to make an underground city for hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

-Are those overseeing this project having it built in anticipation of World War 3..?

3. Dulce Underground Base

Dulce is said to be one of well over a hundred deep underground military bases in America. It is located 2 miles below ground in North New Mexico. It has been reported to be roughly 30 miles long and 10 miles wide!

Further reports claim that this ultra-maximum security base (including 3,000 real-time security cameras) harbours many deep and dark secrets involving for examples laser weaponry, robotic trans-human soldiers, behavioural research related to mind control programming, reprogramming, telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel… and some of the most disturbing genetic experimentation said to occur on floor ‘level 6, ‘ aptly nicknamed ‘Nightmare Hall.’

Because these underground bases have been shielded from the public there has been much related controversy. Many have dismissed the idea that these underground bases exist as wild conspiracy theory. But can they really be dismissed when there have been numerous eye witness accounts and whistle blowers claiming their existence in some considerable detail?

4. The Mormon Church’s Storage

Located some 200 metres below the Granite Mountain near Salt Lake City the Mormons have a storage and church. Able to survive a nuclear blast it protects papers and objects considered to be precious kept in safes and areas reminiscent of bank security level, having heat and motion sensor detectors…

Pictures inside this place are not allowed and are close to impossible to find. All that can be found are pictures of the outside entrances/exits during its construction in the 1960’s.

-So why the secrecy?

5. The Greenbrier Resort

Located in the woodlands at West Virginia, USA, the exclusive Greenbrier Resort is a place where a number of the most senior politicians have been known to take their vacations. Once shrouded in secrecy there is an underground area capable of being sealed off by an entrance/exit door weighing some 25 tons.

No longer considered usable the underground area was built to house a number of strategic goods which would have made the place capable of acting as a shelter from a catastrophe such as a nuclear disaster. If a nuclear disaster was to happen plans had been made to send the entire US congress there…

10 Best Technology Careers For 2016

Latest Marathi News

The first Marathi newspaper, Darpan, was started on 6 January 1832 by Balshastri Jambhekar.The Sadhna Group’s Marathi news channel Maharashtra1, which went on air on January 1, aims to ‘represent the common man. Shiv Sainiks attacked and beat up Kannada Rakshana Vedika leader Syed Mansoor, who was in a marathi news studio at the time.Marathi News Paper, Marathi News, Mumbai News, Maharashtra News, Marathi Entertainment News, Business News, Agriculture News. Marathi Newspapers from the Indian State of Maharashtra. Marathi Newspapers in various Indian languages and fonts.

Beware! Daily stress can lead to diabetes

It physical or emotional, taking unnecessary stress can not only give you headache or neck pain but, if left unattended for long, can also trigger elevation in blood sugar levels leading to Type 2 diabetes, health experts have warned. Owing to changes in lifestyle and daily routine, stress is now seen as a reason behind several health hazards, including the rise in diabetes in India.Marked stress causes release of several stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which, in turn, increase levels of sugar in blood apart from spiking blood pressure and pulse rate.

“If stress is consistently high, previously transient sugar elevation becomes persistently high, resulting in diabetes. Similarly, blood pressure elevation becomes elevated constantly. Stress also causes change in eating pattern, resulting in ‘binge eating’, thus increasing weight which may also add to elevation of blood sugar,” Dr. Anoop Misra, Chairman, Fortis C-DOC, told IANS.Stress can affect diabetes control, both directly and indirectly. It is widely recognised that people with diabetes are regularly stressed and are more likely to have poor blood glucose control.

“Both physical and emotional stress can prompt an increase in these hormones which result in an increase in blood sugar”, Dr. Sunil Mittal, senior psychiatrist and director, Cosmos Institute of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences in the capital, told IANS.Shared stress can also lead to similar dysregulation of hormones in children. If they are under constant stress in the home environment, children may have a similarly dysmetabolic state.”According to recent findings, stress hormones cause an epigenetic change in sperm. So when a father is stressed out, his hormones pack the potential to raise his offspring’s blood sugar levels. With higher blood glucose levels comes a higher diabetes risk, especially Type 2 diabetes,” noted Dr. Ajay Kumar Ajmani, senior consultant (endocrinology) at BLK Super Speciality Hospital. The primary function of these hormones is to raise blood sugar to help boost energy when it’s needed the most.

Bonds and Probation in Public Sector Banks

With a lot of doubts rising in the minds of selected candidates about the Bonds and Probation, we have decided to dedicate this article that will cater to all the queries you have in your mind. Friends, one phase is over with the declaration of results and this embarks the beginning of new phase that will include Documentation and Medical.

A Probationary Officer in the bank is the starting level appointment for bank officers. The Probationary officers have a one or two years probation period during which they are given training on various vital functions of the bank such as Loans & Advances, Foreign exchange, Credit Rating, Treasury, Risk Management, IT, Marketing etc.

Free SBI Probationary officers test series:

The probation period can also consider as the learning phase. Hence it is extremely important to be in good conduct, during probation.

Banks have the right to terminate the employee during the probation, if he/she does not fit the position. As such, the probationary officer shall be required to work at2-3 branches during the probation period.

A Bank Clerk, is a financial service professional who serves as the primary point of contact for most bank customers, administering basic banking transactions, documentation and administrative functions.

A clerk has six months probation period during which they are placed at different counters of the banks e.g. savings, deposit, retail loans, cash credit, agricultural loans, credit cards, government business, cash receipt or payment etc. Clerks are the soul of the banks and they are the ones, who interacts with customers and take care of their needs.

Probation Period for Probationary officer- 1 or 2 year

Probation Period for Clerk – 6 months

Bond and It’s Duration

All the selected candidates need to sign a Service bond with the Bank compulsorily in order to get complete the section process.

What is Service Bond?

A written and signed promise to pay a certain sum of money if you do not fulfilled the terms and condition of the company.

As we can see that many candidates resign from the banks after joining in one or two years. So to avoid this Bank starts implementation of this formula which can prevent the candidates to resign from the post within a specific time and period.

Why Bank Ask for Bond?

Bond contains many conditions but the main condition is that you have to serve the Bank for a minimum period of years including the Probationary Period otherwise candidate has to pay the specified amount to the bank in order to get the relieving.

Duration of Bond?

For P .O.: Duration of the bond varies for each bank it can be of 1, 2 or 3 years.

For Clerk: As of now, there are no financial bond restrictions for clerical posts.

Can I break Bond?

Yes, you can. But be aware that you will have to pay the Bond amount before leaving.

What if I complete the Bond Period?

The Term Deposit with the Bank will closed and you are free to resign from the services of the Bank if you want to leave the bank.

7 Reasons to Vote OUT of the EU!

Many people have been grossly misled on matters regarding the European Union. The truth about the EU and what it really represents has not been fully revealed in mainstream media (and probably never will).

The snake oil salesmen senior politicians continue their fear mongering founded on falsehood to get you to vote in favour of staying in the EU. What they will not reveal is their ulterior motives for wanting you to stay in: The massive moneyed interests at stake involving them and a small handful of crony capitalist fat-cats who have them in their pocket.

Having said that, there is an even bigger picture, involving a far greater reason to vote OUT of the EU…

-In light of this here are 7 reasons to vote OUT of the EU on June 23rd.

Voting OUT:

1. Avoids an even greater concentration of power / wealth into the hands of a selective few.

Time after time there have been cases where greater top-down control and centralization of power has involved more corruption, failures and problems. Looked what happened with the Soviet Union. The European Union is no exception.

2. …demonstrates objection to a lack of transparency / accountability

Since the EU the UK, for example, has lost its power to a number of bureaucrats taking tax payers for a ride on the Brussels gravy train.

Thousands and thousands of these bureaucrats have paid themselves a higher wage than the British Prime Minister! They have implemented numerous petty intrusive regulations with all the red tape. -All done without the need to be transparent / accountable to the likes of we-the-people…

3. Will mean taking back your sovereignty

Legislation in the EU is done behind closed doors without the inclusion of parliament. The UK has lost on voting numerous times to the EU bearcats. In short if citizens want their say in matters over legislation in a system that isn’t just undemocratic but anti-democratic then they must vote OUT.

4. Demonstrates not voting for something you don’t understand

Don’t allow yourself to be ruled by a system you don’t understand. Most people are clueless over the admin structure and the who’s who when it comes to the EU even a number of politicians!

5. Means voting to get unstuck from the EU fortress with all its related restrictions

EU regulations / restrictions such as those related to trade deals stifle innovative creative individuals. For example, giant corporations love the EU. The EU’s high-number regulations stop small business competitors from challenging the giant corporations and cannot thrive or survive the onslaught…

6. Means voting for independence again

Don’t be fooled by the political ‘bread and circuses’ offered to you by the con-artist politicians such as offering better phone rates or other little trinkets like cheaper holidays while saying it will be a disaster for trade if we don’t vote IN.

Independence could mean a return of the economic glory days. Trade can not only flourish but there are far better deals outside of the EU fortress with other countries. Besides, EU countries will not simply pull the plug on trade with non-EU business because there’s too much at stake for them to refuse.

Look at the case of Switzerland as a non-EU country and how they continue to flourish as one of the richest countries in the world home to many giant corporations…

7. Demonstrates that you see right through the EU and know that there’s a sinister hidden agenda behind it

More specifically you know that the EU is part of the totalitarian step-by-step advancement towards a global fascist new world order agenda.

The plan is to create a one-world central controlling government, central bank, cashless society which would make life impossible to exist outside of the tyranny, militarized police state, gross uneven distribution of wealth… etc.

The plan for the centralized control involves dividing the world up into major territories: The Pacific Union, the African Union and the European Union…

All in all

Recognise the hidden agenda in the push for joining the EU. Don’t allow yourselves to become victim to the wishes of a heartless control system ran by power mad self-serving psychopaths with moneyed interests.