Now or Never A Generation Where Time Trumps Money

The age-old adage ‘time is money’ no longer holds true for today’s day and age. We have witnessed a new development wherein time is a more valued commodity than money and to save the former we part readily with the latter. Let’s look at it this way, cabs, groceries, medicines, doctor’s assistance, movie tickets and such are all just a click away, quite literally! Mobile phones are the closest we will get to waving a magic wand. This never ending list of items and services that we can avail by tapping our fingers is an ever-increasing one and we are not complaining. Now imagine a time where the luxury of easy access and immediate gratification was not available. It will be crippling to say the least.
Easy access to information in a crisp and concise format that helps us absorb the desired information at a glance is what the need of the hour is. Do we see ourselves flipping through pages and pages of information while being stuck in a traffic jam or shuttling through one thing to another to get to what we want? Are you willing to sacrifice your precious time to fish out what you need from the rubble of information that’s bombarded on a daily basis on the internet? No, right? Thanks to the various mobile apps, that are mushrooming to save us from this predicament, we don’t have to navigate our way through the tiring unwanted content. Follo is one such platform that serves as an exhaustive source of information when it comes to out entertainment needs. There’s a B20 APP which provides minute by minute update of the all that’s going on in Bollywood. From latest Bollywood news to juicy celebrity gossip, it’s got everything under one umbrella. Being one of the top entertainment websites it provides celebrity news on the go!
So next time you are stuck in a queue at the cafe or looking for ways to kill your time while being stuck in an hour long jam, just tune in to the app and get transported to the world of entertainment within seconds. One of the top entertainment websites,Follo is also provides engaging content like quizzes at Star Quizbased on latest movies news and all that’s trending in Bollywood that could helps one win exciting prizes in the form of tickets for the latest movies releases and celebrity signed memorabilia, which is a coveted commodity to say the least.
When it comes to response time, it’s now or never. How many of us reboot our mobile applications or phones when we unable to get an immediate results? Then there are those who change their device/ network operator because of the unexpected delay they face while navigating their way through the features. We are running out of patience, we are running out of time. The only way to preserve it is to get hooked to platforms that satisfy our needs on the go. In the race that we are running it’s time and not money that holds the hot seat.