7 Reasons to Vote OUT of the EU!

Many people have been grossly misled on matters regarding the European Union. The truth about the EU and what it really represents has not been fully revealed in mainstream media (and probably never will).

The snake oil salesmen senior politicians continue their fear mongering founded on falsehood to get you to vote in favour of staying in the EU. What they will not reveal is their ulterior motives for wanting you to stay in: The massive moneyed interests at stake involving them and a small handful of crony capitalist fat-cats who have them in their pocket.

Having said that, there is an even bigger picture, involving a far greater reason to vote OUT of the EU…

-In light of this here are 7 reasons to vote OUT of the EU on June 23rd.

Voting OUT:

1. Avoids an even greater concentration of power / wealth into the hands of a selective few.

Time after time there have been cases where greater top-down control and centralization of power has involved more corruption, failures and problems. Looked what happened with the Soviet Union. The European Union is no exception.

2. …demonstrates objection to a lack of transparency / accountability

Since the EU the UK, for example, has lost its power to a number of bureaucrats taking tax payers for a ride on the Brussels gravy train.

Thousands and thousands of these bureaucrats have paid themselves a higher wage than the British Prime Minister! They have implemented numerous petty intrusive regulations with all the red tape. -All done without the need to be transparent / accountable to the likes of we-the-people…

3. Will mean taking back your sovereignty

Legislation in the EU is done behind closed doors without the inclusion of parliament. The UK has lost on voting numerous times to the EU bearcats. In short if citizens want their say in matters over legislation in a system that isn’t just undemocratic but anti-democratic then they must vote OUT.

4. Demonstrates not voting for something you don’t understand

Don’t allow yourself to be ruled by a system you don’t understand. Most people are clueless over the admin structure and the who’s who when it comes to the EU even a number of politicians!

5. Means voting to get unstuck from the EU fortress with all its related restrictions

EU regulations / restrictions such as those related to trade deals stifle innovative creative individuals. For example, giant corporations love the EU. The EU’s high-number regulations stop small business competitors from challenging the giant corporations and cannot thrive or survive the onslaught…

6. Means voting for independence again

Don’t be fooled by the political ‘bread and circuses’ offered to you by the con-artist politicians such as offering better phone rates or other little trinkets like cheaper holidays while saying it will be a disaster for trade if we don’t vote IN.

Independence could mean a return of the economic glory days. Trade can not only flourish but there are far better deals outside of the EU fortress with other countries. Besides, EU countries will not simply pull the plug on trade with non-EU business because there’s too much at stake for them to refuse.

Look at the case of Switzerland as a non-EU country and how they continue to flourish as one of the richest countries in the world home to many giant corporations…

7. Demonstrates that you see right through the EU and know that there’s a sinister hidden agenda behind it

More specifically you know that the EU is part of the totalitarian step-by-step advancement towards a global fascist new world order agenda.

The plan is to create a one-world central controlling government, central bank, cashless society which would make life impossible to exist outside of the tyranny, militarized police state, gross uneven distribution of wealth… etc.

The plan for the centralized control involves dividing the world up into major territories: The Pacific Union, the African Union and the European Union…

All in all

Recognise the hidden agenda in the push for joining the EU. Don’t allow yourselves to become victim to the wishes of a heartless control system ran by power mad self-serving psychopaths with moneyed interests.