5 Of The World’s Most Top Secret Maximum Security Places

Indeed, a good way of keeping anything hidden from the public would be to hide it in a geographically remote place. In a naturally hostile area, having adverse weather conditions, the geographically remote top secret maximum security place would be virtually inaccessible. Then there are the man made inaccessible maximum security hiding places such as those in underground bases or surface built shelters…

-So, in light of this here are 5 of the world’s most top secret maximum security places.

1. The Vatican Secret Library

The apostolic Vatican secret library contains some of the world’s most treasured books, scrolls and papers. In excess of a million they are not only protected by conventional maximum security (guards, cameras, infra-red, heat and motion sensor detectors…) but also astral cameras. Escorted by an entourage of guards, only scholars and authorised people such as men of the cloth are allowed to view these works and take notes.

Some say that a number of these books, scrolls and papers were taken from the magnificent Alexander library in Egypt before it was purposefully burnt down, containing a wealth of enlightening knowledge that has been hidden and suppressed from the public to this day.

What secrets do these works hold in which we the people at large are not privy to?

2. Mount Yamantau

Located in Russia at the Ural Mountains Bashkortostan, the mysterious Mount Yamantau place is said to be busy with construction work. While it has been said it will be a storage place for objects related to the Russian Federation others claim that the area is being constructed to make an underground city for hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.

-Are those overseeing this project having it built in anticipation of World War 3..?

3. Dulce Underground Base

Dulce is said to be one of well over a hundred deep underground military bases in America. It is located 2 miles below ground in North New Mexico. It has been reported to be roughly 30 miles long and 10 miles wide!

Further reports claim that this ultra-maximum security base (including 3,000 real-time security cameras) harbours many deep and dark secrets involving for examples laser weaponry, robotic trans-human soldiers, behavioural research related to mind control programming, reprogramming, telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel… and some of the most disturbing genetic experimentation said to occur on floor ‘level 6, ‘ aptly nicknamed ‘Nightmare Hall.’

Because these underground bases have been shielded from the public there has been much related controversy. Many have dismissed the idea that these underground bases exist as wild conspiracy theory. But can they really be dismissed when there have been numerous eye witness accounts and whistle blowers claiming their existence in some considerable detail?

4. The Mormon Church’s Storage

Located some 200 metres below the Granite Mountain near Salt Lake City the Mormons have a storage and church. Able to survive a nuclear blast it protects papers and objects considered to be precious kept in safes and areas reminiscent of bank security level, having heat and motion sensor detectors…

Pictures inside this place are not allowed and are close to impossible to find. All that can be found are pictures of the outside entrances/exits during its construction in the 1960’s.

-So why the secrecy?

5. The Greenbrier Resort

Located in the woodlands at West Virginia, USA, the exclusive Greenbrier Resort is a place where a number of the most senior politicians have been known to take their vacations. Once shrouded in secrecy there is an underground area capable of being sealed off by an entrance/exit door weighing some 25 tons.

No longer considered usable the underground area was built to house a number of strategic goods which would have made the place capable of acting as a shelter from a catastrophe such as a nuclear disaster. If a nuclear disaster was to happen plans had been made to send the entire US congress there…